Inspiration Boost: over angst

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Inspiration Boost: over angst

Mooie quote over angst

Goodmorning! Ik kwam deze inspirerende quote van Seth Godin tegen en wilde hem graag delen. Wat tja angst, daar heb ik zo nu en dan ook wel last van. En om me dan te beseffen dat het eigenlijk vaak een verspilling van energie is. Op zijn blog en in het boek Linchpin maakt Seth nog wel een mooi verschil tussen fear en anxiety:

” Fear is something that presents a clear and present danger to our life.  Anxiety is something we often call “fear”, when it’s really just exaggerated worry about a worst-case outcome of some future event.  In almost every case, that worry is irrational. Fear is good.  It’s evolutionary.  It activates our sympathetic nervous system.  It keeps us alive.

Anxiety is bad.  It keeps us from doing interesting and/or fun stuff.  It keeps us paralyzed.  It forces us to always take the safe route.  It forces us to sacrifice that which makes us unique individuals in the name of security.  It kills our ability to create.  It destroys our ability to make our own dent in the universe.

This mistaking fear for anxiety occurs quite often in the running world.  There are an awful lot of very talented and/or hard-working runners out there.  While I don’t think I’m especially talented, I fall into this trap, too.  We have some significant accomplishments.  We have even loftier goals.  The problem- we are held back by anxiety.  We seemingly cannot muster the will to sign up for that REALLY difficult race.



We worry about some worst-case scenario.  We worry about not finishing.  We worry about not being fast enough.  We worry about not being able to finish.  We worry about what others will think if we don’t meet some imaginary expectations. This worry keeps us from doing cool shit.  It keeps us is a safe, comfortable cocoon.  It keeps us from experiencing life.”

In het Nederlands moeten we dus een verschil maken tussen angst en angst. Laat jij je door angst verlammen, of weerhouden van wat je eigenlijk wil doen?

Wil je op de hoogte blijven?

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